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Turquise and copper

Turquise and copper

Turquoise is one of the most beautiful stones in the world that has always been considered by humans. The attractive and blue color of this stone is due to the presence of copper element in it. It is interesting to know that this stone is found in countries such as Egypt, Mexico, USA and Iran, but the best and most quality type of this stone belongs to Iran, which is extracted from the oldest and largest turquoise mine in the world, which is located in Neishabour.
This beautiful stone can be seen in some of the stone facades of old mosques. It is also used in jewelry making, making jewelry as a ring, bracelet, etc., and it goes without saying that Isfahani artists have not been deprived of this stone and its beauties. And they have created beautiful works on copper with this stone, which is known as turquoise.

Types of turquoise stones in turquoise carving
In the classification of turquoise in terms of quality and color, this stone is divided into two types of gypsum turquoise – white and stone turquoise – blue, green. Blue and green turquoises are divided into two categories: medium and high quality.

The most commonly used type in turquoise crafts are stone-blue and green turquoises. In fact, turquoise used in turquoise work must be able to withstand high heat and pressure because during operations that include high pressure and heat stages. Turquoise is attached to a copper object by means of lacquer.

Steps to do turquoise

Turquoise carving work consists of several stages, which are discussed in the following steps.

Manufacture and payment of copper object:

At this stage, after the design of the object by turquoise, the construction is ordered to the blacksmith. The depressions, known as bends, are created to provide a base or base for mounting turquoise on the object.

Paste the turquoise on the desired object:

The Turquoise Artist sticks the small pieces of turquoise, which have been washed with great difficulty and separated by a sieve, with unparalleled artistry and delicacy by means of varnish (a kind of glue) and high heat on the desired object, and presses them on the varnish. It strengthens.

Turning and finishing work:

At this stage, to remove the excess brown varnish that has covered the turquoise due to heat, the surface of the object is polished. The irregular turquoise stones are polished with a diamond blade, and at this stage, about half of the turquoise stone is cut. The final finish is sanded and a layer of polyester is sprayed on it to make it washable. After this stage, the copper object has a mosaic-like surface of turquoise stones.

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